NBA PLAYOFFS: 1st Round Predictions

The time has finally arrived. After almost 10 months since the regular season began we have finally reached playoff basketball. These playoffs have no shortage of intriguing storylines: Playoff Lebron is back, CP3 vs the Rockets, TJ Warren vs Jimmy Butler, Luka’s first taste of the playoffs and can Giannis finally make the NBA finals.Continue reading “NBA PLAYOFFS: 1st Round Predictions”

I Still Don’t Buy The Jordan Flu Game

Michael Jordan confirms that the ‘Flu Game’ in game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals was actually food poisoning…5 dudes delivering a single pizza 🧐 #LastDance — Kevin Gray Jr. (@KevinGraySports) May 18, 2020  I am not normally one for conspiracy theories, unless you count the JFK shooting it is just impossible for meContinue reading “I Still Don’t Buy The Jordan Flu Game”