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The WooderBoys,

UGA Ray Is Back To Expose Florida & Clemson! Dan Mullen & Dabo Swinney Tried To Take Him Out With Biological Warfare

⚫🔴My frustration got the best of me several days ago. These are such difficult times in the recruiting industry. 🔴⚫Florida and Clemson better watch out now. See ya'll in Athens soon. God Bless all and always remember to Rise Above Hate ❗❗ — 🔴Andrew.Ray_UGA⚫ (@ray_uga) June 16, 2020   Rise from the fucking dead […]

The WooderBoys,

MUST WATCH: UGA Ray Is Going To Bring Down The Entire SEC, Dabo Swinney, And College Football Because He’s The Best Thing In Recruiting In The Last 12 Years

I am so PISSED❗❗ Dan Mullen has made this personal and I will not stay silent anymore. . . Go Dawgs and Go SEC !! — 🔴Andrew.Ray_UGA⚫ (@ray_uga) June 9, 2020   The SEC just fucking means more! UGA Ray is the living embodiment of that quote. I don’t know who UGA Ray is, […]