Gary’s Road To The Masters

Masters Champions are bred in the offseason when no one is watching. Gary is on his way to becoming one of them. First stop is GolfLand to work on his short game. When we asked the guy at the counter if we could film his only rule was we couldn’t get naked. So if youContinue reading “Gary’s Road To The Masters”

Hello Friends: The Masters Betting Preview

Follow @MaxxKleiner on Twitter Podcast: Hello Friends. Mmmmm….just take that in. Augusta National, it is good to see you.  A Little History If you are reading this you are probably familiar with the Masters and Augusta National. So I am going to use this section to highlight a very cool thing that is happening atContinue reading “Hello Friends: The Masters Betting Preview”

Building The Ultimate Sports Weekend

  Subscribe to The Wooderboys on Youtube   On the podcast (listen on Spotify or iTunes) this week we each built our perfect sports weekend using a snake draft since that bitch Corona took the greatest sports weekend of the universe, away from us. I’m going to build out my original Ultimate Sports Weekend becauseContinue reading “Building The Ultimate Sports Weekend”