The Eagles Have The Need…The Need For Speed!

  Play this before you read to get you in the zone.     Speed was the theme. The Eagles have to have the fastest team in the NFL Now. I don’t put a lot of stock into 40-times, but for those that do: • Jalen Reagor: 4.22• Marquise Goodwin: 4.27• DeSean Jackson: 4.35• QuezContinue reading “The Eagles Have The Need…The Need For Speed!”

Heres A Deeper Look Into The Jalen Reagor Pick

    The 2020 draft took a while to get out of the gates, but after a few picks, the GM’s were in the flow! The draft was moving along at a great pace. We managed to get through the first 10 picks without a trade. Unprecedented! Wide receivers start falling and Eagles fans areContinue reading “Heres A Deeper Look Into The Jalen Reagor Pick”

Jalen Reagor Has A Ton Of Son’s

    The most important thing is Jalen Reagor loves Son’ing defenders. The NFC cornerbacks better hope the virus never croaks because Jalen Reagor is just going to kill you with speed. He tested in the 99th percentile of Burst Score. Oh you don’t know what Burst Score is? Sorry can’t relate. You get inContinue reading “Jalen Reagor Has A Ton Of Son’s”

Draft Month! Wake Up With Some Jalen Reagor Highlights

Sadly this is the last draft month post of the year. It has been a hell of a ride and I hope all of our readers enjoyed the highlights of the possible new birds to the flock. Please tune in to today to see our Draft day gambling picks and my live reaction toContinue reading “Draft Month! Wake Up With Some Jalen Reagor Highlights”

Draft Month! Wake up With some Jeff Gladney Highlights

Corner back is still a question for the Eagles. If we have learned one thing about this draft it is that no one has any idea of how this will shake out. Gladney would be a good pick if the Eagles move back and pick up more picks. I can see him going late firstContinue reading “Draft Month! Wake up With some Jeff Gladney Highlights”