In America The Tie Should Be Illegal

  Another weak quarantine has gone by which means I have to drop another blog that I feel passionate about. That my friends are ties in any activity. I’m not talking about the thing you put around your neck. Not that I know how to tie that thing anyway. I’m talking about at the endContinue reading “In America The Tie Should Be Illegal”

At Noon On ESPN The Greatest Spelling Bee Champion Ever Returns

  The 1997 Spelling Bee introduced us to the GOAT of Spelling Bee’s – Rebecca Sealfon. A homeschooled 13 year old from New York who loves a good scream. Before the Spelling Bee got all soft and started giving out participation trophies and announcing a group of winners as Champs because they ran out ofContinue reading “At Noon On ESPN The Greatest Spelling Bee Champion Ever Returns”