Kids Aren’t The Future

Look at ol’ Nostradamus and Miss Cleo over here with their predictions for 2020. Steven is the dumbest 5th grader I’ve ever met. This kid probably has Blogging the Boys bookmarked on his Chrome browser right next to a “Best of Skip Bayless” YouTube video. Just drinking the Kool-Aid all off-season reading about how theContinue reading “Kids Aren’t The Future”

PJ’s Picks- NFL Week 1

Its the moment we have been all waiting for. The NFL is back and I can’t be more excited. Before I joined TheWooderboys I would post picks every single week and I see no reason to stop now. Each week I will predict every single NFL game predicting the games by: straight up, spread, andContinue reading “PJ’s Picks- NFL Week 1”

Phillies 2020 MLB Season Breakdown!

Baseball is finally back and I can honestly say I have never been more excited for a MLB season in my life time. If you haven’t heard the news. This year is a 60 game regular season compared to the usual 162 games. The fightin Phils kick off this years campaign with a 7:07 firstContinue reading “Phillies 2020 MLB Season Breakdown!”