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The WooderBoys,

ESPN’s NFL Writers Drafted NFL Players To Build A Team For The Next 5 Years And It Was A Catastrophe

ESPN did a draft assuming every NFL player was available to be picked. Some interesting choices. Here's Round 1: — Nick Veronica (@NickVeronica) June 8, 2020   ESPN – Well, let’s find out. We hit reset on NFL contracts and released every player to the open market. Then we gave our NFL Nation reporters the […]

The WooderBoys,

Only Good Vibes Today So We’re NOT Going To Talk About Michael Bennett Saying Nick Foles Is Better Than Carson Wentz On Chris Long’s Podcast. WE ARE NOT.

  Good Vibes Saturday. It’s a beautiful day out today. A great day for laying on the beach or chilling in the pool. Not a day to get into another Carson Wentz vs. Nick Foles argument.  Philly is to busy murdering racism. There ‘s no reason to give Michael Bennett’s comments any attention and if […]

The WooderBoys,

Eagles Super Bowl Parade? Or Philly Putting An Absolute Beatdown On Racism?

The crowd in Philly is…unfathomable? I can’t even guess. Unbelievable. — Bradford Pearson (@BradfordPearson) June 6, 2020 Largest crowd of people I’ve seen at a #Philly demonstration since it started last week. Crowd stretches from Art Museum to the Oval to the Parkway and still growing. Size is comparable to all the concerts and […]

The WooderBoys,

Looters In Philly Steal Everything From A Rent-A-Center But A Dallas Cowboys Chair

This is amazing 😂 Philly gonna Philly 🦅🦅 — Samantha Parent (@samparentt) June 2, 2020   This is the the first time things have actually felt normal in 3 months. There’s been viruses, murder, protests both violent and peaceful, but there is still common ground. Fuck Dallas. Fuck ’em and everyone that associates with […]