NoBlockSports Podcast EP 31

  PJ back here with another EP from my own sports talk show called NoBlocks Sports. This is Episode 31 and there was so much to talk about. On this week’s episode: Paul Pierce not having LeBron in his Top 5 all time? The Last Dance Episodes 9 and 10 Dak absurd contract demands ReviewingContinue reading “NoBlockSports Podcast EP 31”

PJ’s Own Show – NoBlock Sports

  Follow @NoBlockSPORTS1 on Twitter.   PJ here! Before I joined the best team in America, The Wooderboys. I did my own podcast called NoBlock Sports     Each week either on Friday or Saturday I will release my latest episode. I am actually already on Ep: 28 and that can be found at theContinue reading “PJ’s Own Show – NoBlock Sports”

How Do You Do Fellow Kids?

  “Hey Ernestine? Can you come in and take this picture of me looking like a Jordan simp?”       The next four Mondays Drip Bayless is going to be on an All-Time heater. He’s been waiting a year for the MJ doc to appear so these kids understand what greatness is really like.Continue reading “How Do You Do Fellow Kids?”