2-0 and it Feels So good.

Coach Gary is back for Season number two. If you missed season one you did not miss much. Gary’s Birds went 7-9 the team had rumors of Offensive coordinators having a Weed problem, and at the end of the season their center Brent Wilkins went missing. Majors moves were made. Notable players were sent awayContinue reading “2-0 and it Feels So good.”

Angelo Missanelli: “The Eagles Season Up And Vanishes Like A Fart In The Wind”

Follow The Wooderboys Twitch¬†   PHILADELPHIA, PA – What if I told you the 4-7 Eagles still had the chance to make the playoffs? A team that went on a 5 game losing streak after starting 2-0, was clinging to life hooked up to a 3M multi-purpose full reusable respirator in the ICU, but somehowContinue reading “Angelo Missanelli: “The Eagles Season Up And Vanishes Like A Fart In The Wind””

Angelo Missanelli: “The Philadelphia Eagles Are A Dumpster Fire”

Follow The Wooderboys Twitch Stream for games every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday   By: Angelo Missanelli PHILADELPHIA, PA – Sitting at 4-7 Coach Gary and the Philadelphia Eagles have become a bigger joke than Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia performing other comedian’s material for years and being rewarded for it with millions of dollars. TheyContinue reading “Angelo Missanelli: “The Philadelphia Eagles Are A Dumpster Fire””