Will Matisse Thybulle Score 5 points Tonight!

On Tuesdays 119-111 win over the Sacramento Kings Matisse Thybulle had 0 points in 22 minutes of game action. In 20/25 games this year Thybulle has failed to reach the 5 point mark this season and a twitter account has started to notice.

Introducing Did Matisse Thybulle Score 5 Points twitter account aka @Didover5

This is like a player variation of the twitter account @DidTheSixersWin. If the Sixers win we get a positive tweet at the end of the game like so:

The same goes for if Thybulle actually scores 5 points which he hasn’t done since February 3rd when the Sixers defeated the Hornets. Funny enough the twitter was created February 4th so Thybulle has yet to reach that milestone during their twitter short career πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. The account will even update you through the game, like in the game where the Sixers beat the Brooklyn Nets.

Thybulle ended with 2 points in that game. Obviously Thybulle brings so much more to the table then scoring but it is so funny to see a Sixers fan take this one whole in his game all the way to its own twitter account and poke fun at him when he is such a likeable guy. So the question is. Will Thybulle score 5 points tonight vs the Trailblazers?

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