All Time Spinzone By Adam Silver Having NBA Players Get The Vaccine First So They Can Educate Everyone Else On It

You gotta hand it to Adam Silver here that very well might be the spinzones to end all spinzones. Let athletes skip the line so they can educate everyone on the importance of getting the vaccine. And even if this is really for education and not directly correlated to Adam Silver and the owner’s pockets I don’t think commercials with Steph Curry and LeBron James about the importance of getting a vaccine is really going to move the needle. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, you’re not going to get vaccinated. People refused to wear masks for the last 9 months. Didn’t we just learn we’re the most stubborn country in the world when it comes to caring about fellow man? And I don’t blame people for being a little apprehensive to stick a needle in their arm for a drug that was made under the name “Operation Warp Speed”. I like my drugs to pass through FDA approvals at regular speed. Make sure the proper boxes are checked before I’m sticking my arm with foreign chemicals. Maybe in COVID-21 we hire an ad team to select naming rights. Sell naming rights for all I care. The “Vaccine & Chill” brought to you by Season 7 of Stranger Things on Netflix January 23rd.

Could you imagine the types of commercials the NBA Cares campaign would run?

“Hi. I’m Ben Simmons. I don’t like taking shots either, but this is one that’s in my comfort zone.”

There’s no doubt in my mind Kyrie Irving is an anti-vaxer and would make an issue out of the NBA controlling the player’s bodies that results in him sitting out for another month.

I mean if the NFL can get through an entire season with larger teams and more bodily contact, I’m pretty sure the NBA can. But I commend Adam Silver for putting on his best snake oil salesman approach and trying to get people on his side so he doesn’t take another billion dollar loss.

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