Josh McDaniels Owes The Eagles A Super Bowl So He’s My Pick For Next Coach

Plain and simple if Josh McDaniels doesn’t re-neg on his offer from the Colts the Eagles win back to back Super Bowls and maybe we’re not in the middle of this current mess. Let’s be honest we’re probably still in this mess. But if Josh McDaniels wants to apologize to the entire city of Philadelphia he takes this job and wins us a Super Bowl. It’s that simple. Film team walkthroughs. Be a raging lunatic on the sidelines.

Throw your shoulder out beating your mentor.

Do it all. Just bring us the championship you owe us.

The New England Patriots ranked 23rd in offensive DVOA this season. Was that because Tom Brady left or because they had Cam Newton? I’ll give McDaniels the benefit of the doubt. I’d be more worried that him and Jay Cutler, another stubborn QB, immediately didn’t get along in Denver, but that was because McDaniels tried to trade him to the Patriots. It wouldn’t hurt having one the greatest offensive minds in the game overhear the defense talking and draw up a play mid-game that results in a touchdown. Wouldn’t hurt at all.

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