Phillies Make An Offer To J.T. Realmuto Below His Expected Market Value: 5/$100+ Million

Oh boy here we go. This might just save the offseason in a lot of people’s minds. The potted plant is sprouting and actually opening his checkbook after crying poor the whole offseason. First reactions I don’t know how I feel about it. I’ve flip flopped on J.T. Realmuto all off-season. It’s a lot easier to stomach paying a 30 year old $100+ million rather than the reports of him seeking $200 million just last month. Even though this is way below his team’s market value it seems that everywhere JT has been rumored has either backed off or taken a less expensive option. The top 5 free agents other than DJ LaMaheiu haven’t inked deals a month before pitchers and catchers report in a very slow free agency due to the pandemic. So thanks COVID-19?

Look, if the DH becomes permanent in the NL I think this is a no brainer on potential alone. I’m much more willing to have 2-3 good years from Realmuto and him end his career as a serviceable first baseman for $20-$25 million the last two years of the deal. Don’t take my word for it though. The Wooderboys Podcast’s number 1 baseball insider Bob Wankel gave an awesome perspective from both the good and the bad of signing JT last month.

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