Archie Bradley Took A 115mph Line Drive To The Face And Walked Off The Field

Did I know who Archie Bradley was 24 hours ago? Not at all. But Gary said he’s a good closer so with that and the fact this guy is a total badass after almost having his Liberty Bell cracked by a Carlos Gonzalez liner I will now die for Archie Bradley. Anyone who says anything bad about Archie Bradley will have to answer to me. I’ll be Archie Bradley’s rubber (unused). Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you because not only is he a badass, but he’s an all around great guy! After he heard a kid took a line drive to the face the same week Archie did he visited him at the hospital and compared black eyes.

If happiness isn’t what gets your dick hard he’s also a mad man on the diamond. This guy is going to strike Francisco Lindor out with three fastballs right on the black and let Steve Cohen know at the end of the day you’re still the Mets.

And if anybody wants to bunt on Archie Bradley this year you better beware.

The Phils might be 20 games back in the division race this year, but Archie Bradley is going to die on the hill protecting the castle.

Between JoJo Romero and Archie Bradley this about to be the most badass bullpen in the show.

P.S. Promise me you’ll never lose the beard though Archie. Closers should have beards that look like they just spent the winter living off the land and foraging for survival. Leave the clean shaven look for the ace.

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