Jalen Hurts Is In The Alabama Locker Room Probably Recruiting DeVonta Smith

Well if someone is going to convince DeVonta Smith all is okay in Philly and he should tank his workouts for the teams drafting in the top 5 it’s Jalen Hurts. Lincoln Riley is probably right behind the Gatorade vending machine ready to huddle with DeVonta and Jalen to talk about how they are going to dominate the NFC East for the next 15 years together while he’s calling plays. If you missed DeVonta’s performance tonight well even Howie Roseman can’t fuck this up. No one with eyeballs can look at 12 receptions, 215 yards, and 3 TDs ALL IN THE 1ST HALF and pass over that type of talent.

Unless…wait a second…

I can’t wait for the Trey Lance pick. We’re the Firestone Tires of QB Factories.

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