Ivan Provorov’s Insane Offseason Workouts Turn Him Into A Russian Machine

Head on a swivel their Tawmy

SOURCE – For the sake of his team, a remarkable streak, and his status among the NHL’s best defensemen, Ivan Provorov travels nearly 10,000 miles each offseason, from Philadelphia to his home city in Russia and back again, for a training regimen that would put Ivan Drago to shame. In Yaroslavl, 160 miles northeast of Moscow, Provorov reunites with a cadre of coaches and specialists who have been working with him since he was 8 years old. Six days a week, eight to 10 hours a day, for 10 to 12 weeks, Provorov skates, lifts weights, runs on a track, and boxes. There’s more. One of his coaches is devoted just to cycling. Saturdays are for swimming. Sundays are for rest.

Are we surprised Ivan Provorov is a Russian Machine? He hails from a town called Yaroslavl which means City of Bear. Their town crest is the most Russian thing ever. It’s just a bear carrying an ax. If someone asks you to describe Russia just point to this picture of an 8 foot deadly beast ready for war carrying a battle ax on it’s hind legs.

The mayor is Liam McPoyle.

You want to know how you become one of the best defenseman in the NHL by 24? Carry humongous tires 200 meters up a hill 10 times six days a week.

Provy’s in-season workouts are tougher than guy’s offseason workouts. He makes the offseason so grueling that the grind of the season is easier for him. You know how you defeat Crosby and Marchand this year? While they’re sucking wind late in the game you’re fresh because you were working all summer with a guy named Boris who lives off of vodka and potatoes and berated you to carry another tire up the hill.

The goal of this grueling schedule is to build enough strength and endurance in Provorov that the Flyers’ season, from opening night until whenever its end might arrive, will be a cakewalk for him. Then he can just maintain his conditioning with small weights, with band- and body weight-resistance exercises, and play all the hockey that the Flyers need from him.

I mean the dude is inhuman. Remember the slapshot he took off the knee cap in Game 7 last year and returned for the next shift? The Russian Machine does not break.

Rumors are out there that Barzal is still looking over his shoulder every time they play the Orange & Black.

Fuck you Gary if you’re reading this I know the Islanders won in Game 7.

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