Howie Roseman Wasn’t Only Bad At Evaluating Player Talent, He Wanted to Fire Frank Reich In 2016

Feel free to press play before reading:

Or this one if you’re on a mobile phone

The great thing about an ugly high profile divorce is you get all the shit slinging imaginable from anonymous sources on both sides. Remember Alec Baldwin used to be a family man until a voicemail mysteriously “leaked” during divorce proceedings calling his 13 year old a pig.

Well we’re in the thick of it so buckle it up folks!

We had Jeff Skversky attach his name to this report that held water like the Titanic:

And now we have Rob Maadi letting us know that not only can Howie Roseman not evaluate talent on the field, but off the field as well. Was 2016 anything special? No. But you had a rookie QB throw for 3700 yards, a receiving core of Zach Ertz, Jordan Matthews, Josh Huff, DGB, and Nelson Agholor, always durable Ryan Matthews as the lead back & the hardest schedule in the NFC.

How does Howie Roseman look at that season and place the blame on Frank Reich? If you ask me Howie knew he couldn’t fire Doug after one season, even though Jim Schwartz supposedly almost took over, and he was just looking for a scapegoat and chose Reich. Since then we won the Super Bowl, Frank Reich has been to the playoffs two out of three seasons with the Colts after his franchise QB retired one season in, and he had a top 10 offense with 39 year old Phil Rivers. The more that comes out of NovaCare the more we should be thanking god everyday this management lucked into a Super Bowl.

Hey Howie. Fuck you.

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