Just Want To Thank Mike Muscala For Bringing Us Tyrese Maxey

Without former Sixer Mike Muscala and that game winner in the bubble last year the Sixers don’t get the 21st pick and we don’t have this 39 point performance on Saturday by future Hall of Famer Tyrese Maxey…IN HIS FIRST START. Imagine letting this guy fall to #21! Couldn’t be Daryl Morey!

Not to mention he opened the back door, peeked out, and covered +13.5 with 15 seconds left to go. You can’t teach that type of court awareness.

Is 39 points and 0 free throw attempts good? It feels like that’s good. Just imagine when James Harden teaches Maxey how to get to the free throw line 30x a game. Is averaging 50ppg in a season out of the realm of possibility? You gotta think that’s possible with the level of efficiency Maxey puts up.

They better start respecting the future Rookie of the Year and stop using the photo on his driver license for pregame lineups.

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