Does Doug Pederson Come Back Alive From The Fishing Trip In Florida Today?

Is Doug Pederson going to end up like Big Pussy or make it off the boat like Paulie Walnuts? That’ll be decided today. If the meeting doesn’t go well I expect Jeffrey Lurie to put a speargun right between Doug’s shoulders when he turns his back and throw him into the Gulf of Mexico. Imagine telling your coach his job was safe, having him tank the last game of the season for a better draft pick, and then end up firing him two weeks later. Such a diabolical move from the owner that you almost have to respect it.

Regardless of the decision they make it’s insane the laughingstock this organization has become in only 3 years. I didn’t think it could get much worse than the debacle of Chip Kelly. What kind of spell was Lurie under when Chip sold the plan to him about moving his golden boy Howie to the basement? The fact that Jeffrey Lurie still lets decisions from the Chip Kelly era effect him today when making personnel changes is insanity. It’s kind of crazy that Jeffrey Lurie is concerned with Doug’s plans for Carson Wentz when he allows the guy who drafted Jalen Hurts in the 2nd, creating a mess for Wentz to have to look over his shoulder, skate away scot free. How does Howie Roseman have so much power in this front office? How hard is it to look at a fucking draft class in the last 5 years? You had to bring in a player development guy so Howie stopped lighting money on fire when he paid guys like Demarco Murray & Byron Maxwell in free agency. I love that he’s a cap guru, but I’m pretty sure Daryl Morey could introduce Lurie to 20 nerds right out of Penn or MIT that’s sufficient enough at half the price tag. Jeffrey Lurie treats Howie Roseman like he’s the only one that knows how to balance a checkbook in the league.

Which coaching candidate would want to come here knowing he’s already at a 2-1 disadvantage and he has to listen to a glorified accountant about roster moves? One call to Doug from Eric Bieniemy and he probably wouldn’t even take an interview.

What an absolute joke this franchise is that I’m starting to envy Big Pussy at the bottom of the Atlantic.

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