What Are Doug And Howie Going To Talk About At 10:30am?

What could the big news be at 10:30am? Al Michaels is forcing the NFL to launch an investigation into the Eagles because he was screwed out of the over last night? Are they locking Carson Wentz in the NovaCare Complex in a hostage type situation until he pays them $20 million or is forced to become elite again? Are they going Trey Lance or bust in the bust because they don’t feel like they got a fair shake with the first QB from NDSU? Or Gary and my favorite theory: Howie and Doug are buying the team from Jeffrie Lurie because he’s in financial ruin due to the dead cap money. Crazy? This was Howie’s long con all along. This was his Madoff Moment. His Ocean’s 10, 11, or 12. He acquired Lurie’s ear and proved he could save the organization money and around 2015 Jeffrie Lurie decided to hand over the financial future of his personal well being for Howie to control. So Howie invested all that money into local brands he could sell to a Boston kid and Philly transplant. Now Jeffrey Lurie is looking at $80 million in dead cap and a worthless portfolio of shares in GE, Modells, & some shady car dealership Dom DiSandro’s cousin had in the Northeast that tried to capitalize on spinning rims 10 years too late. The pandemic just expedited the plan.

You laugh, but Doug and Howie talk together less than couples married for 30 years. How awesome would it be if it was just announcing Jim Schwartz is stepping down? Or they’re promoting Press Taylor to OC in a plea to keep Carson Wentz. Or could it be…No! They couldn’t be!? Are they? Are they thinking about getting a little clever? A little #CleverForTrevor

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