Jason Kelce, Carson Wentz, and Zach Ertz Are All On The Field After The Game For The Last Time

Alright all the jokes were funny tonight, but this kinda just sobered everything up. I don’t regret any of the jokes it was a top-10 Philly Twitter night, but it sucks it had to come at the expense of these three. I mean you’re watching the cornerstones of that 2018 Super Bowl team realize it’s over for them as a unit. Wentz and Zach Ertz are most likely traded and Jason Kelce will probably contemplate retirement for the 5th time in 5 years. It just sucks to see it come to an end with shitty team performance on a cold rainy night in Philadelphia in front of no fans. I don’t think that’s how Jason Kelce thought he’d end his career so maybe we’ll have him back, but that’s looking optimistic and optics don’t look favorable. Zach Ertz was the last one to leave the field so you have to think he knows something.

I don’t care about the tank and I think the cameras catching Jalen Hurts on the sidelines saying “it’s just not right” isn’t a big deal. He’s a competitor in the heat of the moment that will realize in 48 hours getting him a weapon will benefit him in the long run.

The hot takes from reporters about them mailing it in will be more to sell some ads on a couple articles. A meaningless Week 17 game isn’t going to set the franchise back 5 years like people want you to think. It’s the front office and personnel that will do that. Doug Pederson did his best to dodge the reports about Carson Wentz, but a blind man could read his body language. He wanted nothing to do with that press conference between the Wentz rumors, the allegations he threw the game, and Jim Schwartz’s pseudo-retirement.

It just sucks that no matter what you think about Wentz and Ertz (obviously Jason Kelce is a god in this town) the last memory together at the Linc is this one. It sucks Carson doesn’t seem like he wants to compete against Jalen Hurts for the job. It sucks that we don’t know if Adam Schefter just made this report up out of thin air too. It sucks injuries and a contract negotiation got in the way of what should’ve been a productive season for Ertz. It sucks that this is how it comes to an end especially after Ertz’s Super Bowl TD is one of the greatest memories in Eagles history. But what’s best for the organization is getting assets for these guys to build towards the future. It wasn’t easy trading McNabb or Dawkins, but those are the tough decisions of the NFL. It’s going to be tough in a couple years with Fletcher Cox, Miles Sanders, and Brandon Graham if he resigns. I know a lot of Eagles fans just wish the three most popular players on the team got a better sendoff than how it played out tonight.

I imagine Doug walking back into his office and having to take down the magnetic nameplates on his depth chart while the instrumental of A Sky Above, The Field Below plays in the background and before Jason Kelce is leaving he sends off Wentz and Ertz with a “Stay low boys. Keep those feet moving.” as he walks through the tunnel one last time.

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