Chris Long Suggests The Eagles Tanking Came From The Top Tonight

I don’t know if Chris Long just lit up the sweetest sativa he’s ever had in his life, but I love putting on the tinfoil hat and getting in the mud so I’m going to do it to. The Jalen Hurts benching and playing of Nate Sudfeld came from the top down to secure the #6 pick. I love it. Best decision Jeffrey Lurie has made all year. No need to win a meaningless game that isn’t going to set the culture of the organization back. Half this team is going to be flipped in two years anyway. The scariest part though is Doug is a puppet and Howie/Lurie are pulling the strings. That’s the only thing I don’t like. One because if you’ve seen Doug during a press conference this year it looks like he’s about to keel over and die. It looks like he’s a zombie extra on the Walking Dead some Mondays. And two because Howie Roseman is such a god damn grifter who has Jeffrey Lurie’s ear that I almost now respect it. Chip Kelly saw it immediately and nipped it in the butt right away and if he didn’t track and taste the piss of his players everyday maybe he would’ve made it here and Howie would’ve never been our problem. Instead we’re running it back next year with the same organizational structure and Jim Schwartz and some other assistants will be the scapegoats.

Or maybe there’s more…

I’m an agent of chaos and I’m most happy when my teams have chaos surrounding them. The only thing that could make this even juicier is if Doug Pederson was told he gets to keep his job on Saturday so he’s all aboard the tank and doesn’t fuck up getting the #6 pick, and then is fired in his meeting on Tuesday. A back stabbing for the absolute ages. A modern day Greek tragedy playing out in front of our eyes. Et tu, Howie?

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