Justin Jefferson Who Howie Roseman Chose Not To Draft Breaks the All Time Rookie Receiving Record

Is that good? Is having a generational weapon in a league that relies HEAVY on offense good? Should we have someone in place that can draft one of those? Was there no tape on him at LSU? Did he miss all year with an major injury? Wait there is tape? Four 1st Half TDs in the Peach Bowl? 18 TDs on the year? That seems pretty good.

Does Howie Roseman own a fucking internet connection? Is Howie at temple on Saturdays and it bleeds over into the 12 o’clock games? Every beat had him mocked to the Eagles because the other three elite receivers wouldn’t be there. We should probably take him, but the smartest guy in the room strikes again! Get that undersized punt returner from the Big 12 with the 2nd round grade nobody outside of draft guru’s knew about 5 months prior.

Can’t ask for a better Sunday if you ask me! We have to wait until 8:30 tonight to watch a team who gave up last week either be humiliated on primetime (for the 3rd time this year) or decide to win and fuck up getting an actual talent in April. The franchise QB who was supposed to lead us to another Super Bowl wants out this offseason putting us in a financial hellhole. And Howie Roseman who’s as unreliable as HBO ending a hit series on a high note is coming back next year. Only to watch the wide receiver he passed on at #21 go the very next pick and break Randy Moss’ all time and then the entire rookie record a series later. Add it to the list…

Howie got the DK Metcalf shuttle numbers and took him off the board. Who cares that he tested off the charts in everything else that actually matters to perform.

How hard was it to miss on the 2017 running back class? We got Donnell Pumphrey. 😤

The 2019 Draft is a thing of beauty.

It’s a broken fucking record I feel like everyone is tired of being repeated. If I was a financial analyst and saved the company money year over year, but then went out and hired a bunch of felons that were stealing money from the company at one point you have to weigh if I’m really necessary for the businesses future. The Eagles are starting a vicious cycle and I don’t really feel like rooting for Enron.

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