How Big Will The Daryl Morey Statue Be?

He’s gotten rid of bloated contracts, he’s reworked the lineup to surround his two best players with shooters, he’s about to land a top 5 player in the league without giving up a franchise cornerstone, and now he’s giving it back to the trolls in the media. There’s nothing this guy can’t do.

So when the Sixers three-peat from 2021-2024 will the statue be able to fit inside the Wells Fargo Center? I want it bigger than the Comcast building. I want it to be the Mecca of statues that people have to kneel and bow in front of before they get a Lorenzos slice. I want it to look like Krishna and have 10 different arms carrying 3 Larry O’Brien’s, 4 pick swaps, and Joel Embiid, James Harden, and Ben Simmons sitting in the palms of his three free hands.

I love this guy. And I know you’re reading this Daryl because you read everything about you. And I love you for that. And your Twitter game is almost as good as your ability to trade 1st round picks that won’t convey until next decade.

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