Do You Even Talk To Your Family Anymore If They Get You An Al Horford Sixers Jersey For Christmas?

I don’t care if this guy’s family is heirs apparent to the entire Tastykake fortune. Demand yourself be written out of the will because if your family can’t take two seconds to Google Al Horford then you can’t trust the future business dealings of the Tastykake brand to even have a fortune for you to recoup. There is blood on this guys hands to though. Who asks for just a Sixers jersey? It’s not like we’re still watching Tony Wroten and Hollis Thompson lead a 10-72 team. We have legit All-NBA, household names on this team. If you want something easy ask for Simmons or Embiid. If you want to be fashion forward ask for a Tyrese Maxey jersey. If you want to waste money you ask for a Tobias Harris jersey. And if you want to be the hipster asshole you ask for a Sixers Harden jersey.

On second thought, this guy definitely deserves his Christmas being ruined by Al Horford. People who don’t give any direction on what they want for Christmas are assholes. You don’t tell someone you want jeans and not give them a size. I hope this guy had to unwrap a Carson Wentz jersey next time his turn came around. Probably just asked for an Eagles jersey and got mad when it ended up being the 2nd string QB.

P.S. There was nothing more dangerous than buying a Sixers jersey when Sam Hinkie was here. No one was ever safe from Sam flipping an asset you thought would be a franchise cornerstone for a top 3 protected pick. I remember my dad bought my cousin an MCW jersey for Christmas knowing he was gone in six months. Would’ve served better just tossing the entire present into the fireplace.

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