Victor Oladipo Wants Out of Indiana. Should the Sixers Be Interested?

This isn’t the first time we have heard rumors about Victor Oladipo wanting out of the Indiana Pacers organization.

Just 2 months ago this rumor was brought to light and denied by Oladipo the same day. Back on December 1st, he said, “Growing up, I was always taught not to engage in nonsense,” Oladipo said. “I never have. I never came out and said that I didn’t want to play for the Pacers or be in this organization, but, yeah, I’m focused on now. Here and now.” Who really knows the truth? The most important question though is, should the Sixers be interested in Oladipo?

Let’s look at it from the Sixers perspective. Oladipo would fit the need for another ball handler and late game option to attack the rim that the Sixers right now don’t have. He’s a career 35% 3pt shooter and since joining the Pacers back in 2017-2018 season he’s had some really good years. Especially his first year when he averaged 23 ppg and led the Pacers to 7 games against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Since then, it has not been all sunshines and rainbows as he’s played a combined 55 games over the last two seasons and his statistics have dropped in all categories.

Oladipo’s contract runs out at the end of the year and will become an unrestricted free agent. If he truly wants out then the Pacers will most likely deal him to get something in return. If this is the case the Sixers should kick the tires. You can’t give up any significant pieces for half a season of Oladipo, but would it be crazy to think some combination of Danny Green, Mike Scott, and Shake Milton could get this done? Danny Green & Mike Scott’s deals are expiring and Shake Milton is an interesting prospect on a team friendly rookie deal. I know some have fallen in love with Milton in the preseason, but it’s hard to get his play in the Indiana game last year out of your mind or trust him to be an efficient backup PG. Oladipo has only played off the ball on one team during his career (OKC). After being traded for Paul George he ran the point for the Pacers and made back to back All-Star Games. Would Ben Simmons be effective cutting to the basket while off the ball? Do they use both guys in dribble hand-off sets? Now, if Simmons is traded for Harden, Oladipo would be a great fit with him & Embiid. At this moment the deal feels unlikely, but something to monitor at the trade deadline because Indiana isn’t letting him walk for nothing.

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