Doug Pederson Might Never Punt On Sunday

Fuck it. Make Jake Eliot inactive too because if he attempts a FG outside of the Redzone it’s not a gimme anymore. Let’s save two roster spots to showcase other guys that actually matter in the long run. No punts, no FGs, and go for 2 all night. Real football like Teddy Roosevelt dreamed about when he invented the game. Use it as a social experiment for next season. It works for this maniac down in Little Rock, Arkansas why couldn’t it work in the NFL?

How hasn’t a team out of the playoff picture tried this? Would it have mattered if the 0-16 Lions just decided to play Madden the last game of the year? Rod Marinelli was still going to lose his job. You were still going to be the laughingstock of the league regardless and it wasn’t going to make Martha Ford care any less than she already did about the team. Throw it up to Calvin Johnson on 4th & long. You’re bound to get a couple PI calls to move the chains. I need Adam Gase to prove to me he’s the offensive genius Peyton Manning says he was and gamplan around this in Week 17.

And this. How hasn’t Belichick figured this out yet and turned the league on it’s head? Gary wants his kid to become a Master’s Champ. Fuck that we’re going to make him into the first dual kicker/punter ever and cash that check all the way to the bank. The Kunter is going to revolutionize football by 2035.

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