BREAKING: LaCosta Is BACK For One More Summer In Sea Isle

SOURCE – LaCosta Lounge, the landmark Sea Isle City bar that closed in September to make way for the property’s redevelopment into an upscale hotel, will reopen for one more summer, its new owner said Tuesday.

Developer Christopher Glancey, who teamed up with his business partner Bob Morris to buy LaCosta for $7.3 million in 2018, originally had plans to demolish the lounge in the fall to build a hotel, restaurant, outdoor bar and banquet hall.

Glancey, though, said he plans to reopen LaCosta for one more summer while he and Morris revise their plans for the hotel complex, known as The Ludlam.


I don’t think LaCosta can be killed. It’s 3-0 now in title fights against this developer! It’s playing 12 rounds of defense like it’s a Floyd Mayweather PPV! Dodging hooks left and right then catching you with a quick jab to keep ya honest.

It’s the rundown housing project in Philly sandwiched in between two million dollar homes in a new up and coming neighborhood. But it’s our run down project housing. It’s Polar Bear Plunge when you have thousands of drunks dressed up like it’s an orgy for Furries squished in a 10,000 sq. ft. tent in 30 degree weather with three cover bands playing classic hits simultaneously. It’s Sunday Funday when you go wire to wire 12pm-2am knowing you’re going to be waking up in 3 hours so you can make it into work on time. Choking back vomit the the whole way down the AC Expressway. You’re a hungover and sun burnt shell of a human at your desk and your one co-worker won’t shut the fuck up. It’s the random Saturday’s where you’re blacked out and you run into that guy in your town you were close with, but not really that close. You know, the guy you played travel ball with growing up, but lost touch once you both went off to high school or college, and somehow just off the side of the dance floor as Dua Lipa vibrates out of the DJ booth, you both reminisce on a ton of memories you never knew you both shared. It’s the Wawa down the block after the night’s over or the citation for pissing in public you got from the Sea Isle cops in that back alley of the Wawa. It’s LaCosta.

And it’s here for one more fucking year so let’s get this vaccine going, start spitting in people’s mouths so we can speed up the immunization process, and get ready for Memorial Day Weekend. The last one ever at LaCosta…until next year when they announce they’re returning and we kick these fucking developers out of Sea Isle after we discover a treasure map in the handicap stall of the LaCosta men’s room that leads us to One Eyed Willy’s buried treasure under the Lou Dogs and then we buy LaCosta for ourselves.

Fuck this monstrosity. Take that shit over to Avalon.

Official Lou Dogs rankings:

  1. Mad Dog – bleu cheese crumbles and buffalo sauce on a dog fuck
  2. Lassie – mac & cheese w/ BBQ ketchup *chef’s kiss*
  3. HankDog – Hank’s hot sauce could give any of the mainstream hot sauces a run for it’s money
  4. British Bulldog – Chili and Cheddar on a hot dog is a classic
  5. 38th & Pleasure – cheddar, bacon crumbles, and ranch need I say more

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