Ryan Clark On Get Up Calls Carson Wentz “Soft”

We’re not starting the “Carson Wentz is soft” narratives. He’s lost a step, he’s mentally not there this season, and he hasn’t played a full game as good as Jalen Hurts played in the first half yesterday. But the “Carson Wentz is soft” narrative should die right after it leaves Ryan Clark’s mouth. You don’t throw a touchdown after tearing your ACL the play before. You don’t rehab back from two major injuries and lead a bunch of plumbers and mechanics to the playoffs when you’re soft. You don’t endure the constant scrutiny from the media and fans for the last two years about Nick Foles being better than you, continuously having to answer questions about it and taking the high road every time, if you’re mentally soft. Wentz might not ever live up to the hype of the #2 overall pick, but the same people questioning his mental toughness don’t have an ounce of the fortitude he has.. We’ve seen high draft picks in this city who couldn’t sniff Wentz’s jock strap that have cratered under the pressure from the media and fans.

And listen I know the ESPN producer is in Ryan Clark’s ear that he needs to have a take before they go to him after the break, but I think Clark really does believe this. And he’s wrong. What’s more shocking is the betrayal by the 2nd leading Wentz apologist behind Gary, Dan Orlovsky with an ultimate betrayal.

Whatever happened to warriors dying on their shield’s? I promise you Gary secretly buys a Carson Wentz jersey to whichever team he goes to next. He wants what is best for the Eagles organization, but he’ll always be chasing that heroin high from that first time with Wentz. Why? I don’t know. Why do dogs chase cars knowing they’re never going to catch them? Why is Adam Sandler still allowed to act as a mentally disabled character in every movie? Why is iced coffee frowned upon in the winter and hot coffee in the summer? These are life’s biggest why’s we choose to accept with little direction and should start asking ourselves…why not?

P.S. Nothing commentators love more than saying they understand Philly because their wife or husband grew up there. You don’t understand jack shit Dan Orlovsky, Diana Russini, and John Gonzalez. That’s like me marrying someone who grew up in the circus and telling her father I to relate having my arm ripped off by a lion just because I said some vows. You don’t understand the pain and torment hearing the snowballs at Santa story for the 1000th time or watching the same cheesesteak shot Sunday Night Football does whenever they’re in town. Oh, you think pessimism is your ally. But you merely adopted pessimism; I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn’t see optimism until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING!

Just kidding Gonzo.

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