No One Deserves His First Pro Bowl Nod More Than Brandon Graham

I’m so happy for Brandon Graham! That dude was RIDICULED for not being Earl Thomas so early in his career that his mom wouldn’t even wear his jersey to the Linc. Dan Zangaro came our Podcast to discuss potentially cutting Graham after this season to save cap room and basically went on a 5 minute love fest about the guy. I loved it! The most biased media take ever and it made me love Brandon Graham even more! 22 Brandon Graham’s on the field at once go 19-0.

BG is honestly one of the ultimate stories of “keep going”. The Eagles traded up to #13 and fans thought Earl Thomas would become the next great safety. Instead they took Graham who missed most of the first two seasons recovering from a torn ACL. In 2012 he even called himself a bust to the Inquirer:

“I haven’t [done] nothing, really,” Graham said, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Right now, I’m a bust, so I’m going to deal with that. I’m a bust, and I’m going to keep being a bust. Even when I make plays, I’m going to still act like I’m a bust. You know what I’m saying?”

It’s funny how life works out. Now you can’t imagine calling Brandon Graham a bust. The guy should take Jason Peters’ spot and be honored twice in the Eagles Ring of Honor. The Tom Brady strip sack is arguably the greatest play in Eagles history.

Earl Thomas on the other hand breaks his leg, flips off the Seahawks sideline while on the cart, signs with the Ravens, caught having an orgy with his brother last summer, get’s a gun turned on him from his wife, and is cut from the Ravens in camp following a fight with a teammate. Life comes at you fast.

Now the only thing we have to worry about is if Brandon Graham is talking ENOUGH shit during games.

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