No Worries James Harden Is Playing Himself Into Game Shape

Listen two hours in the cold tub and James Harden is back to looking more like a professional athlete and less like your Uncle Mike after Thanksgiving dinner. James Harden is the guy at the park who plays 3 point line to 3 point line. Let the first man who hasn’t swelled after Vegas post 30 years old cast the first stone. The body takes a little bit to bounce back at that age. I have 6 beers in one night and my fingers swell up like Vienna sausages.

But if you’re the Rockets social team someone has to sneak a shirtless of Harden the minute the clock hits 0 and get that up on Instagram immediately. I don’t want to be dramatic but the next 10 years of the organization hinges on the Rockets getting this trade right. Ben Simmons and 3 first rounders is off the table for good. At this point we might get a first rounder back. The good thing about this is James Harden has never once come into the season in game shape. He doesn’t get into game shape, he plays into game shape. It’s no secret Harden wants out of Houston. Let’s see how fat he can get. Be the first player ever traded because he became fatter playing 40 minutes a game. At this point if he goes on a hungry-strike it is malpractice if Tilman Fertita doesn’t trade him and his heart explodes on the court.

UPDATE: Carry on.

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