39. Gary Gloats About the Islanders, NFL Future Bets, & We Create A Bar For People With the Antibodies

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Gary gloats about the Islanders advancing over the Flyers, the future of the team, the fact that we’re pretty sure the Islanders and Flyers fans turning over a new leaf by not being satisfied with the season. The Steve Nash coaching hire and analysts calls for white privilege. We discuss if the Eagles will know they’re playing bad if no one is there to boo them, the 2017 Eagles draft being a dumpster fire, and the fact PJ has never watched a serviceable CB in his lifetime. We give our best NFL total win Over/Unders, MVP & Super Bowl Futures. Finally, we finish with Take It Til You Make It w/ J.A. Adande yelling at children on their phones and Jason’s Life Advice: How not to do dumb things when you blackout and we create a bar where only people with Antibodies can go. Use Promo Code WOODERBOYS for an up to $250 match deposit at POINTSBET. Rate, Review, Subscribe and tell a friend to tell a friend.

Gary rubs the Islanders series win in our faces

A bar for people with the antibodies

Jason’s Life Advice: How Not To Make Bad Decisions When You Blackout

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