And Now The Phillies Have Cancelled Their Game Against The Nationals Tonight


Everyone cancelling games in professional sports?

The Nationals social team are lucky that the Phillies won’t be able to add another loss to this All-Time record graphic.

Imagine bragging about your history against a team post 2012 just when the Phillies started their 7 year rebuild only to be one game over .500 lifetime. Absolutely nothing better than something on social media absolutely backfire in their dumb face.

Serious Kyle: Cancel all sports for now because when I’m watching a game I’ll tell you what. The first thing on my mind isn’t police brutality and systemic racism. It’s Jamal Murray flying through the lane with a 360 degree layup.

Or Donovan Mitchell dunking all over QAnon’s most famous member Michael Porter Jr.

Sports fan Kyle: This sucks. I want sports and I want them now. I was gearing up for a Flyers win tonight only to be brought down to Earth by a late game collapse from the Phillies bullpen. This feels like when everything started getting cancelled pre-Corona and I don’t like it at all.

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