37. Driving The Flyers Bandwagon, Introducing the K.E.M.P.S.K.I. System, & ESP’s Take It Til You Make It Returns

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Gary, Kyle, & PJ discuss how easy it is to ride on the Flyers bandwagon and becoming King of the P!nk Hats. Gear up with a “Bandwagon Fan” shirt and let’s ride this Cup run til we can’t no more! We discuss the fact the Sixers may be the 4th best team in the Atlantic Division next year and this should be the final year for Brett Brown.

With training camp starting we introduce the K.E.M.P.S.K.I. System to decipher through the millions of tweets you’re going to see from beat reporters describing how good a 3rd string QBs ball looked today. Finally, we re-introduce an old favorite Eliot Shorr-Parks’ “Take It Til You Make It” as he offered up the take of a lifetime on a quiet Sunday and we breakdown which athletic scenario we could accomplish. Subscribe, Rate, Download and tell a friend. We really appreciate the increase in support we’ve been seeing over the last weeks and want to keep the momentum going!

Full Episode:


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