Wooderboys Picks of the Day



One would argue that no one likes to make money more than Kyle, Gary and I (PJ). We have decided to share our best bet each day to help you guys make some money. After everyday standings will be held on which one of us is making or losing you the most money. Nonetheless here are the picks for today July 24th, 2020

Gary: Parlay Mets Braves Over 7 runs and the Mets Money line pay +185

Simple takes here, Mets Year, Jacob Degrom, Baseball is back. I’ll see you all at the virtual Parade in November.

Kyle: Under 10 Hot Dogs For the Glizzy Gladiator (-110)

Mine’s a futures bet for the 2021 Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest. This is PJ blitzed out of his fucking mind chowing down on dogs with a bunch of dudes on the most homoerotic deck since Gilligan and the Skipper were stranded together.



This kid can’t do 10 hot dogs in 5 minutes let alone 10 pigs in a blanket. Even if he smokes a bunch of weed like he does typically before we record a podcast. You’ll have to wait til this time next year to cash in, but lock those odds in before they skyrocket once this video goes public. It’ll feel like a surprise direct deposit just hit the checking account and you can have yourself a 4th.

P.S. PJ’s crew strikes me as the guys who argue about MJ vs. LeBron at the pregame, go to the bar and get fucked up on Miller Lites and green tea shots, and then drop in on some Warzone and argue about MJ vs LeBron until 5am – then do it again next weekend.

This is our future leaders of the world America. Deal with it.


PJ: Mets ML (-144)

My pick of the day is one Gary would be very happy to see. I LOVE the New York Mets on Opening Day at home vs the Atlanta Braves. This to me was a no brainer. I get the best pitcher in baseball Jacob Degrom going against a Braves team without Freddie Freeman (COVID 19). When you have such good odds and you easily have the better pitcher out of the two teams it seems like a bet I and you have to take.


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