Charlie Manuel Met Chase Utley For The First Time When He Sent Him Down To the Minors & Chase Told Him “He Didn’t Want To F’ing Win”


That’s as pure of a Chase Utley story you’d come to expect as any we’ve heard before. I’d kill for one ounce of the confidence that Chase Utley was born with. If he wasn’t a baseball player and went into the service instead he’d no doubt one day become a 5 star general. He’s a natural born leader of men. He’s undoubtedly one of the reasons the Phils turned it around in the early 2000s to become World Series champs.

Imagine Charlie in his office and he’s telling this young kid they’re going to send him down to the minors after spring training and all he says is well ” you guys don’t want to fucking win” then. Immediately if I’m Charlie I think who the fuck is this guy? But that’s the beauty of Charlie. He probably loved Chase from that moment on because Charlie grinded for everything in his 50 year career before “the grind” was cool. He played 6 MLB seasons hitting .198 before he went over to Japan and became a legend overseas with a .303 BA, 189 HRs, and 491 RBIs in 5 years.

Great week for Charlie Manuel and stories from his time on the Phillies. I feel like those Phillies teams look at Cholly like he’s their grandfather. His greatest memory of Pat Burrell is the fact he introduced him to In n Out burger. Screw the 2008 World Series it’s getting a Double Double Animal Style with Pat the Bat every time they played the Dodgers.



You think Charlie ever met The Machine?






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