I Fixed The Sports Calendar

I have always said that my brain is worth one billion dollars.



Now let me list some Ideas I have had.

1- Party House – I buy foreclosed home throw bangerz then collect profit and just move on. (Flawless)

2- Beer Vending Machines in all Bars.  This would free up the Bartender to pour more drinks and not just grab beers. (Your Welcome)

3- Blender in a Toilet ( I know this is gross). However never again will you clog the John.

Now that you see how amazing my brain is let move on to my newest revelation.


Here is my new proposal and it could not be more simple but, for Dr. Blockhead (Kyle) let me spell it out.

PLAYOFFS. I don’t care what sport it is if you tell me one team moves on the other goes home I am sold so why would we not want playoffs almost always happening

Lets start in SEPTEMBER,

NFL Begins

College Football Begins

MLB playoffs

U.S. Open Tennis



MLB playoffs.

NFL mid-season

NCAAFB mid-season

Hockey starts



World Series

NFL Playoff Push

NCAAFB home stretch and rivalry games.


College Basketball Starts



NFL Playoff Push

Conference Championships College Football


NBA Starts

College Football Playoffs Round One



NFL playoffs

College Football National Championship.

NBA regular season

NHL regular season

College Basketball Regular Season.

Australian Open



Super Bowl

NBA  regular season

NHL  regular season

College Basket Ball Regular Season

French Open



College Basketball Conference Tournaments

March Madness

NBA regular season

NHL Playoff Push

MLB Starts

French Open



March Madness

NHL playoffs

MLB Regular season

The Masters



NHL Playoffs

MLB Regular Season

NBA regular season

The Kentucky Derby

The Preakness Stakes

PGA Championship



Stanley CUP Finals

NBA Playoffs

The Belmont

MLB Regular Season

US Open




NBA Playoffs

MLB Regular Season

The Open Championship




NBA Finals

MLB Playoff Push

Little League World Series

U.S. Open Tennis

And then right back into September and Football.

So let’s count 12 months, and Every single one would either have some type of playoff going on or a Championship.

I rest my case, and really the only major change is the NBA starts in December.

It would be perfect. I may have dates off by a week or two but tell me you would not sign up for that layout right now.










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