Kyrie Irving Is Tanking The Restart Of The NBA Season



Typical Kyrie to railroad a good thing. I honestly believe Kyrie hates when things are going well. You ever have that psycho friend who mentions to you someone is to perfect or the relationship is going to perfect? Like they need to always have chaos around them to feel like there’s a level of normalcy. That’s Kyrie. Guy fucking hates normalcy. He forced his way out of Cleveland and then basically apologized when he realized it wasn’t as easy as he thought it was to lead a team. He ruined what should’ve been a championship caliber team in Boston. And he got Kenny Atkinson fired because he didn’t like him for the 20 games he played for him. Kyrie Irving has to be the most exhausting player to be around.

Every day you don’t know what Kyrie Irving you’re going to get. When he lifts his head off the pillow is it happy Kyrie day? Sad Kyrie? Woke Kyrie? It has to be exhausting to keep up with this guy’s emotions. I mean the guy 100% believes the Earth is flat and players were like “Fuck. He’s got my vote.” and elected him VP of the Players Association.

Listen if this was really a point for systemic racism and social injustice fine. But less than a week ago Kyrie was on the phone with the NBA which voted unanimously to restart the season 28-0 and these were the only talking points he cared about making then.


When the National Basketball Players Association conducted a conference call and vote on restarting the season a week ago, Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving was an active participant — although his questions were of a mundane nature.

Sources say Irving asked, as an injured player, if he would count among the Nets’ allotted 35 people should he want to join the Orlando bubble. Could he sit in the stands to cheer on his teammates? Use a sauna for his rehab?

He had a question about NBA sponsors on campus, and whether they would be supplying players with products. A union official asked him for an example, and Irving mentioned a popular adult beverage — before insisting that he had indeed simply shared an example; and wondered what food might be provided to players under league partnerships.

All in all, his inquiries weren’t of weighty consequence.


He cared more about if Hennessy (they’re an NBA sponsor don’t take that as racial ya dunce) or the food that was being catered at practice then any of the racial injustice that was the forefront of the news it was impossible to miss. So like what the fuck is it, Kyrie? Tomorrow are you going to be having a “Good Kyrie” day and feel like playing the season? Or are we going to have a “Woke Kyrie” day and you’re going to say we should cancel the season because the Mayans predicted the world to end next week?

Figure it out because the players are going to lose $3.2 billion in salaries and have the salary cap fucked up that you and KD are playing with Spencer Dinwiddie and whatever two people donate the most to his Bitcoin GoFundMe that they get to play the 4 & 5.

Also, no fans in 2020-21 season. Thanks a lot Kyrie.

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