Since When Was Alexander Hamilton Not A President?

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I just assumed if you were on money you were President. Unless you’re Ben Franklin, but he deserves to be on $100 because he founded electricity, and without electricity I’m not writing this right now and I’d be sweating my balls off in a log cabin. I’ve been living a lie carrying dirty money of a fake U.S. President in my wallet my whole life.

I’ll never throw another Hamilton at a stripper for as long as I live. Lincoln’s and Washington’s going forward. Sorry babe, but that’s how I ball now. Can’t have fake presidents being rained on your fake tits. Hamilton’s biggest achievement is founding the New York Post & Coast Guard? Hamilton would be rolling over in his fake Presidential grave right now if he saw today’s Post front page.


Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 10.59.20 AM


And the Coast Guard? I respect anyone who fights for our country, but pretend Navy is probably the worst of the branches, no? I’m going to need someone cooler and with more accomplishments on the $10 going forward. Put Thomas Jefferson on the $10 or FDR. How is a Roosevelt not on a piece of currency? One fought in a war and one ended a war WHILE he had polio. Hero shit.

Also, PJ not knowing Bill Clinton’s real name is William is why you don’t smoke a bunch of weed before podcasting folks. We have the highest producer in the game.

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