Some Barista Is About To Feel The Wrath Of Mike Missanelli’s Sicilian DNA


How does Mikey Miss not launch the coffee across the room after that? Lean into the headphone launch and win back the court of public perception back. Even worse how do you let a whole cup of coffee spill on you before you even realize it Mike? That’s an insane amount of coffee to spill. On your finest Sunday church polo no less? That coffee came out faster than a John Kruk bowel movement the next morning after a night of drinking and a 3am trip to Taco Bell on 11th and Chestnut (that was too descriptive I’m sorry). There has to be some Starbucks barista making minimum wage afraid for their lives Mikey Miss is going to berate them through an N-95 after the show.

The weirdest part is there wasn’t even a reaction that he spilled hot coffee on himself. So does Mike Missanelli get hot coffee and let it cool down until it’s cold? That sounds like a serial killer move.

I’ve gotten more content out of Missanelli in the last week than I have in the last year. Never has this meme applied more than right now.




Just throwing this Dunkin SNL bit in here cause it’s a classic. Nothing to do with the blog. Move along.

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