Conor McGregor Realizes He’ll Never Be Able To Beat Amanda Nunes And Retires


Conor McGregor throws in the towel and decides to retire at the young age of 31 rather than face the Champ Champ Amanda Nunes in the Octagon. Who would’ve thought he’d make it all about himself the night of an awesome UFC Card and an absolute mauling by Nunes. This doesn’t seem like Conor at all.



I know right now he’s doing it as a negotiating tactic because UFC isn’t making any money from ticket sales right now and solely relying on selling PPVs. They won’t be able to give him what he’s worth at this point. Still kind’ve of a bullshit move by McGregor especially because there’s no chance he actually retires and now he’s just taken the focus from the greatest women’s MMA fighter ever. Counterpoint he announced this at the best time as everyone is talking about UFC250.

In that case this is going to become an Amanda Nunes blog because the last great McGregor moment we were given was his loss to Khabib.


Amada Nunes beat the absolute mouthpiece out of Felicia Spencer tonight.



Manhandled the shit out of Felicia Spencer all night. The fact it went the distance is unfathomable.



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