Mets Minor Leaguer Calls Out Mets Organization For Pitching Injured & “Making A Mockery” Of Team Signing Tim Tebow After Mets Release 39 Players


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Imagine being a Mets fan. It has to be the worst thing in the world. The early 2000s and most of the 2010s for the Phillies sucked but at least we aren’t the fucking Mets who care about a circus animal like Tim Tebow to sell tickets over developing guys for the majors. It feels like 40 years ago since the Mets made it to the World Series. Remember we were supposed to be scared for the next 15 years about the Mets rotation? HAHA! What a load of bullshit that was. Matt Harvey had the mental toughness of . Noah Syndegaard can’t stay healthy. Jacob DeGrom goes 6-14 every year with a 1.86 ERA and wins the Cy Young and they still can’t build a competitor around him. Who the hell would subject themselves to being a Mets fan? Even better Steve Cohen was about to tell the Wilpons to kick rocks after obtaining a majority stake and they couldn’t even complete that. Now we’ve got A-Rod/JLo and James Dolan interested in buying the Mets. What a shit show!

But these comments by Andrew Church just add fuel to the fire. The minor leagues are just as much of a shit show as the big leagues. I know minor leaguers are dealt a shitty hand, but having to pitch after getting to a game in the 3rd inning because your flight was delayed and tearing your UCL when you’re making below minimum wage, well someone has to pay for that. Especially, when you see first hand some Mickey Mouse sideshow act like Tebow show up for a marketing grab with no shot to make the big leagues and he’s signing for $100k. You’re the Bezos of the minor leagues if you’re making $100k a year.

This team owes $24 million to Robinson Cano until 2024. That Bobby Bonilla contract doesn’t mean shit, but it’s still hilarious to be reminded every year the Wilpons have to shell out a useless $1 million. And Zach Wheeler is probably going to be a Cy Young award winner this year just because the Mets were to cheap to sign him. This is music to my ears I feel like John Lovitz in The Wedding Singer as a Phillies fan.




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