Peyton Manning Who Owns Tom Brady In The Playoffs H2H 3-2 Is Ready For Sunday To Make It 1-0 Post Retirement With These Notes on the Course




They don’t call him the Sheriff for no reason. He prepares meticulously whether he’s about to beat Tom Brady again in the playoffs or at a charity golf outing. Look at those detailed notes. On #10 aim at the tree 250 yards out and tee it low. Hole #12 aim left. He had a terrible #14 where he hit both in the water. Sometimes you got to admit you have to come to grips and realize you’re not as strong after a neck fusion. You can’t deny “Get it in play” is sound advice. He’ll be studying the film when he get’s back to the clubhouse bar the same way he used to at the Broncos facility.


manning helmet


How about Tiger giving up for the day after he shot 1-over on the front 9? He was probably throwing clubs all over the place and making Rickie Fowler carry his bag and Tiger’s. He just gave up and decided he was ready for a Grand Slam at Denny’s and he’d be in the right headspace come Sunday once he took his aggression out peeing on some Denny’s waitresses.

How much HGH do you think Peyton’s “wife” had sent to the house? It probably somehow ended up in all of Peyton’s protein shakes. Peyton’s going to come out on Sunday looking like Jay Cutler after a fresh cycle.


manning shopped


The line has dropped to -195 from -220 on Tiger/Peyton for Sunday since the scorecard details were released. Might be worth sprinkling some yen on Mickelson/Brady +165. Honestly, I think Manning/Tiger are going to kill them. Tom Brady is busy preparing for a season and Peyton’s had all the time in the world to film a couple of shows for ESPN+ for two hours and then play golf the rest of the day. Tiger and Phil will play itself out like it has for their whole career and the Manning vs. Brady rivalry heats up. These two are going to be motherfucking each other until they die. Imagine when they live stream the Rummy match while they’re drooling all over themselves in hospice care.

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