Mayor Jim Kenney Is A Lunatic If He Thinks People Are Going To Listen To Him And Not Go To The Beach This Weekend

SOURCE – “Don’t go to the beach. We’re not recommending people go to the beach this weekend,” Farley said. “It is true that being outdoors is probably less risk than being close to people indoors, but if you go into crowds anywhere, there’s risks.” Farley says it would be safer to go to the beach when the number of cases are lower. “We understand the draw, it’s very tempting. You may have gone to the beach every Memorial Day weekend for years, but this is not the time to do that. Let’s wait until the case counts are lower for it to be safer,” the health commissioner said.

Mayor Jim Kenney is concerned that residents who do go to the Jersey Shore this weekend could bring the virus back. “South Jersey does what South Jersey does. It’s going to affect us because people are going to go to the beach this weekend, they’re going to congregate with people in too close proximity, then they’re going to drive back home to Philadelphia and perhaps give the virus to somebody in their family,” Kenney said. Kenney also said he’s waiting for more health information before reopening the city. “I think we’re being responsible, we see our case counts going down, we see our deaths going down, and we’re going in the right direction. Why would we screw that up?” Kenney said.




Everyone’s got an opinion on whether we should be opening up the beaches or not and I’m here to throw more gasoline on the fire. My opinion, open the beaches. Open everything. Let people do whatever the fuck they want. At some point we need to let people make up their own minds. If you want to go out and test the virus fine that’s your choice. Just don’t be an asshole and keep to yourself. If you want to sit in your house do that too. There’s no right answer. If cases go back up, we messed up. If they level off or decrease then fantastic we can social distance with the best of them and get back to normal. No one knows what’s going on. We’re easily manipulated sheep made to think one way based off of who we read. Everyday there’s a different story on what we can do to defeat this or how we’re overreacting. So you know what just be a free thinker and decide what you feel comfortable enough doing. Magically people tend to figure things out when they don’t let other people influence their decisions. That’s why we’ve been the greatest country in the world for 200+ years.

That being said, the Mayor is on another planet right now if he thinks people are going to listen to his warnings about going down the shore for the official start of summer. You gotta let the caged bird sing Jimmy. People are itching to get out of their apartments and sit on the beach, drink some beers, and play some Spikeball. That Instagram Model wasn’t doing 1,000 burpees a day in her Rittenhouse studio apartment, and sending out thirst traps and ass shots all winter to not recoup the benefits now. It’s too late. Her goal this winter was to get her body fat% lower than the ABV of a White Claw and some dusty ass Mayor isn’t going to stop her from showing that hard work off. You think the mayor knows what it’s like to cleanse your body for a week leading up to MDW? You think the Mayor has ever shit his brains out from FitTea to flush out the system and hit those last minute #fitgoals? No. So if she dies, she dies. But she’s not dying ugly. Just imagine how much In Memoriam likes that last Instagram post of her is going to get.


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