This Guy Who Calls Himself The Sperminator & Has 64 Kids Does It For The Love Of The Game

SOURCE – Not even a global pandemic can stop the Sperminator.

Ari Nagel, the 44-year-old serial sperm donor who shot to fame in The Post four years ago, is still doing what he does best: getting women pregnant and growing his “family.”

Since the coronavirus gripped the US in March, he has welcomed five more kids into the world — bringing the total to 64. He met with four women in his home borough of Brooklyn and shared his seed with them. He’s also traveling the country to help out busy baby mamas.



I honestly thought he was naming his cars in the beginning of that video. But you don’t love anything like the Sperminator enjoys getting his rocks off into a plastic cup in a Starbucks bathroom to send to someone halfway around the world. I love the Sperminator. He just doesn’t give a fuck where he spreads his seeds. You gotta vagina? Let’s fuck. He’s the Sandy Koufax of poppin’ pussy.

Now I understand doing it all for the love of the game, but once I’m starting to get sued for child support I think that’s when I hang it up. This guy has to be the worst legally represented Jew in the world. I feel like it’s a mandate for Jew’s to come out of the womb with legal representation. This guy lives on another atmosphere compared to regular folk. He just willingly gives his salary to 5 different women because he was the sperm donor? I don’t know, but that sounds like a blackmark on our judicial system.

It’s always the math and science teachers that have the weirdest lives outside of the classroom. I had two kind of math/science teachers one’s that looked like they loved orgies and one’s that looked like they did too much drugs. There was never an in between. Could you imagine learning about Pythagorean Theory and all the Sperminator has on his mind is if he’s going to get a hash brown or a Sausage McMuffin after he jerks off into a medium McDonalds cup in the bathroom.

Could you imagine just having straight up have sex with these people? Let’s call a spade a spade and agree there were some mutants he gave babies too. I feel like the Horny Jail meme has never applied to anyone more than the Sperminator. His porn search history could definitely be used as a pre-crime motive in the court of law.


horny jail


He’s honestly the only father I’ve ever seen on Maury who willingly wanted to come on.


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