R.I.P To Mad River In Manayunk Which Closed Today Due To Corona

mad river



Rest easy sweet prince.

Listen Mad River I didn’t have many good memories in you. I remember one time we couldn’t get in because my friend was wearing Tims in the middle of December. We went the week before and it was a warzone of people puking everywhere and fights, but Tims was where they drew the line. Mad River was definitely one of those bars you had to go to when you turned 21. The best way to know what college and your 20s was going to be like was to throw you into the fire of a Mad River Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. It was like being drafted to the war and thrown in the Middle East the first day. You just had to figure it out. You saw people you never thought were real. Chances are if you went to St. Joes or had friends that went to St. Joes you were baptized in Mad River. It was one of those bars you had to experience knowing you came here for one thing and one thing only, and that was to blackout on $5 Miller Lites and green tea shots. You buckled up if the plan was Mad River that night. Put on your game face because you came for one reason and one reason only. Blackout and stop for Tony Lukes or Manayunk Pizza on the way home.

I’m going to miss the performers who were sometimes more drunk than the people who they were performing too. Or when you thought you could game the system by going to the outside bars to get a beer while everyone was inside packed just to find out you’d be waiting 30 minutes for the bartender to come back from a cig break. The bouncers who I’m pretty sure my friend did two pass backs of the same I.D. when they were underage and the guy was just like fuck it “Give me $20.” Mad River absolutely was god awful, but it was important to go there because it gave you an appreciation for places like Brew Pub and Castle Roxx. Imagine being a freshman at St. Joes. No freshman year and now you’re never going to experience Riverpalooza.


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