Bryce Harper On Twitch Agrees With Blake Snell That MLB Players Are Being Taken Advantage Of By The Owners


If you missed Blake Snell’s comments on Twitch last night, he was talking about the owners re-negging on their proposal to pay players the pro-rated pay they agreed upon earlier when the league was suspended due to Corona.



Tonight on Twitch which is transplanting the Podcast as the next form of media where news breaks. Bryce Harper mentioned he agrees with Snell’s comments.


My thoughts on the whole situation is I’m as pro-capalist as they come. If you work hard to get to a certain place you deserve to reap the benefits. If you agree that the salaries of players are going to be pro-rated, then make it pro-rated. If you were unsure of the future of the situation at the time then don’t propose the idea. It’s basically the Katie Nolan rule. If you agree to pay her $1 million a year as ESPN does, and you don’t feel she’s delivered enough ROI on the lifetime of that contract, you can’t go back and recoup the money. You agreed in principle to a deal.

Why would the MLBPA go back and agree on going 50/50 on a revenue split with the owners? First, this could open up talks about a salary cap and I don’t know if the owners realize this, but there were three $300 million contracts signed last offseason. Even if the top 1% makes that money, the opportunity to make that much is something to drool over. Plus who says the salary cap is going to be a huge number similar to basketball and football. The draw isn’t there for baseball like it is in those sports and there are multiple legitimate players that weren’t signed until the middle of the season last year. A salary cap would muddy that further. Second, who knows what revenues are going to look like if you split 50/50. No fans in the stands, limited ad dollars, and no parking/concessions/beer sales and you could be splitting a couple billion around 750 players. For reference the projected revenue share would’ve been $10.7 billion last year. Total…

Trevor Bauer explains it perfectly.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 12.39.08 AM











I’m pretty sure he also abdicated for 15 year olds to get paid so that would be hilarious in it’s own right.


Obviously let’s figure out a deal because I want baseball to start on the 4th of July in the most American spectacle to happen at a baseball game since Osama bin Laden was taken out. But I’ve never seen so many people sticking up for billionaire owners in my life than I did today. Like I said, if you’re a billionaire and you worked your dick off to get there, I have all the respect in the world for you. But if you fucked up on an agreed deal, agree to that deal. You think every guy who agreed to get married is happy? Nope. Playas fuck up. My bad.



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