“My Teeth Are Falling Out” Is Never A Good Thing To Say With One More Round To Go In Your Championship Fight


Smith: “My teeth are falling out”

Corner: “You’re good. He’s yours in the 5th round.”



Some things you don’t want to hear in your corner when you’re the cutman. When your  fighter is taking a beating by an underdog and losing his molars that’s never a good sign. Anthony Smith got the ever living shit kicked out of him for four rounds and I left still impressed by him. By the end of the fight he was in a whole different dimension, but this fight should’ve been over in the 2nd round.

Somehow he finished this round and then another one after that.


At one point Teixeira I think apologized to Anthony Smith for kicking his ass?  Honestly Tex should’ve put him away early when Smith was seeing stars, but he instead resulted to trying to submit him. Gotta develop a killer instinct in the UFC.


That was a war. If you’re not watching these fights especially with no other live sports on you’re missing out.  The fans not being there adds a totally different element in terms of fighter experience with the adrenaline and fan experience with the fact you hear every landed punch, kick, or elbow. I winced in pain 10x during this fight alone it was so barbaric.

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