Lil Uzi Freestyled With A Random Fan In Philly At A Gas Station Yesterday


Lil Uzi is the man. I’ll be honest I was pretty late to the Lil Uzi fan club after XO tour Life. Once I heard Futsal Shuffle 2020 and Sanguine Paradise I was all in.




If you live in Philly and the Fairmount area where Uzi grew up he’s always around because it’s constantly like 7 Matte Lamborghinis driving by one after another. Also, props to this kid being able to hold his own with Uzi freestyling. It’s not everyday you can just go out there and rap with one of the best in the game currently at a gas station.

The one thing I think is the most hilarious about Corona right now is that it doesn’t matter if you’re Lil Uzi or a nobody. We’re all stuck in the same situation. You think Uzi would be at this random gas station right now if there wasn’t a pandemic? No he’d probably be performing somewhere at a festival or something getting ready for a summer tour. But nope. He was probably pumping $20 into his car (I just assume everyone only puts $20 into their car at a time) and ran into a fan.

How long until the other guy get’s picked up or is at least featured on a Lil Uzi song? 2-3 weeks?

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