The “We Don’t Deserve Dogs Bruh” Rex Chapman Dog Blog Of The Day – Weatherman Interrupted By Dog Brody


Presented by our sponsor Rex Chapman.


Dogs bruh. Am I right? We just don’t deserve them. Brody? Don’t deserve him.


Is there any easier job than Rex Chapman has? Gain 500k followers just recycling the same material and doesn’t even have to source it. “Block or Charge”, “Dogs Bruh”, “Wholesome Content”. Add the five mandated emojis of flames, skull, heart eyes, praise, and clapping and you’ve got a winner. You can’t even hate it, you honestly have to respect it that Twitter has turned our mind into mush. I’m surprised the ESPN Social team’s strategy wasn’t just hire the House of Highlights guy and Rex Chapman. They already hired the HOH guy and let me tell you I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT.

YOOOOOOOOO! Spin the Bottle dodgeball!!!!! I gotta call up my buddy Jake who lives with his 90 year old grandmom with a weak immune system and see if he wants to play. (Praise Hands indeeeeeeeeed)


Dude remember when Drake warmed up with Kentucky basketball 10 years ago?? Got me sweating a little too! LOL #ToosieSlide #Drake #OVO #Octobers #Very #Own #DrakeMemes #viral



**ESPN Social Media guy wakes up immediately checks who’s birthday it is**

**Posts funny video and wishes them a happy birthday (cake or balloon emoji to get the people engaged).

**6 figure paycheck hit’s the direct deposit**



Damn not the OBJ catch?!! Did this just happen??!! In quarantine?!? Shit they must be in like Florida or something?!? It looks cold.

…oh it was from 2015?


My mind has been turned into mush from Social Media. I’m going to be a mindless zombie just shouting “Dogs Bruh!” after quarantine is over.

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